LSM TQ-100KIT valve lash adjusting torque wrench
The LSM TQ-100KIT™ is a combination precision torque wrench and valve adjustment tool.
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TQ-100KIT™ Valve Lash Adjusting Torque Wrench

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The LSM Racing Products TQ-100KIT™ is a combination precision torque wrench and valve adjustment tool.

It simplifies precision valve lash settings by properly torquing adjuster nuts every time and eliminates the possibility of rocker failure due to over-tightening

This one LSM tool does all aluminum "shaft" style rocker systems such as Crower, Jesel, and T&D. **See our FAQ page about using the TQ-100™ with stud mounted rockers. 

The torque is built into the handle and preset to 22 ft/lbs. The tool handle will "break" when you know your lash is perfectly set. No guesswork and consistent every time! 

Preset from the factory to 22 ft/lbs, but can be customized from 13 to 26 ft/lbs. If you would like a different torque setting than 22 ft/lbs put your request in the Order Note in your shopping cart when ordering. 

The TQ-100KIT™ comes with 5/32" and 3/16" hex keys plus bushings and accepts any standard 3/8" drive socket. (Socket not included.) Overall tool length is 7.750" with a knurled, non-slip handle.

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