Torque Wrenches

The TQ-100 was designed for aluminum shaft mount rockers because overtightening is the #1 cause of rocker failure. The same concern does not as easily apply to steel stud mount rockers, but the TQ-100 can still be used.
On stud mount rockers you torque the set screw in the poly lock, not the adjuster like with shaft mount rockers. In order to use the TQ-100 on stud mount you attach a 3/8" drive, 7/32” hex/Allen bit socket (socket with a hex nub attached) and use a box wrench. No T-handle hex key is involved. Loosen the set screw in the poly lock with the TQ-100 and the 7/32” hex/Allen bit socket. Make your adjustment with a box wrench and then torque down the set screw with the TQ-100.

We do not recommend using the TQ-100 for the first time “break loose” of the adjuster nut as it is usually over-tightened. Once loose and free, the TQ-100 can then be utilized for loosening the adjusting nut to re-adjust lash.

Most aluminum shaft mount rockers need our TQ-100 that is set to 22 ft/lbs. Typical adjuster nuts are torqued from 20-24 ft/lbs so 22 ft/lbs will keep them nice and snug without them backing off.

If you have a blown alcohol or fuel engine and require higher torque you will need the TQ-200 which can be set up to 45 ft/lbs.

Valve Spring Pressure Testers

If the rocker hook is having difficulty getting behind the rocker the hook can be "massaged” with a belt grinder.  The new billet steel hooks can take more manipulation due to the thicker, stronger material. Replacement hooks are available if necessary (HK-003)

We ship our PC-100 and PC-100SLC with the gauge in the straight position. For versatility, if you have an application where you need to re-position the gauge, you can easily rotate it. Simply loosen the handle, swivel the gauge to the desired location, and re-tighten the handle.

Valve Spring Compressors

When used properly and according to the directions our tools can easily and safely handle 1,000 pounds of pressure. Our screw down method will stay where you leave it and will not spin back.

No, mount the tool right to the stand. Remove the rocker (or rocker pair) and replace with our tool using the rocker fasteners.

With all of our Valve Spring Compressors it is very important to release the keepers prior to compression. Align the retainer housing with the retainer, slightly preloading the spring, and give it a whack with a brass hammer. The SH-60 Speed Handle with its deep counter bore makes the job especially easy as the tool will remain in place on the end of the lead screw during this process.


Since our pressure testers are pressurized units, the tool will have to come back to us to be fixed. It costs $48 plus shipping to replace the gauge, replace the seal in the cylinder, set back to spec, and test for accuracy. Write REPAIR on the box and make sure to include your contact info inside.

If your socket is not fully engaged on the drive it can wear down the corners. Send the tool to us and for $40 plus shipping we will replace the torque arm, clean all the "guts", and recalibrate. Write REPAIR on the box and be sure to include your contact info.

If your LSM tool needs repairs please send it back to us at

LSM, 4190 Citrus Ave, Rocklin, CA 95677

Write REPAIR on the box and be sure to include your contact info inside. No RMA # is needed.

If your gauge is leaking please seal in a plastic bag prior to boxing.

We just need a couple of days with it, and then you will receive a call with and update and to collect payment.