LSM SM-1000 Spring Machine bench top valve spring tester
LSM Spring Machine™ Bench Top Valve Spring Tester

LSM Spring Machine™ Bench Top Valve Spring Tester

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Use it in the shop and take it in the trailer. The LSM Spring Machine™ is a fast and easy-to-use precision bench top valve spring tester. Just bring the spring to installed height, lock down the precision stop, and check a box of springs quickly, easily, and with precision accuracy. Check open or seat pressure safely, with control, and without effort. 

Spring Specifications: Free length: 3.250", up to 1.750" diameter, compresses to .750"

The innovative horizontal design and footprint ensures stability on the bench top.

It is rugged enough for everyday use in the shop, yet designed for portability to take on the road.

Available with a 160 lb, 400 lb, 600 lb, or 1,000 lb gauge.

The middle third of the gauge is the best range for testing and choosing your tester gauge option. Two pound increments on the 160 lb, and 10 lb increments on the rest. Extra Load Cell Modules can be purchased to have additional testing options. 

Use the collar stop next to the handle to set the installed height stop using a precision caliper. The Speed Handle™ can be removed and used with our on head valve spring compressors too!

Also available our SM-050SET™ Dial Indicator Mount with Indicator.

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