LSM SC-167™ valve spring compressor for LS factory valve train

SC-167™ Spring Compressor for LS Engines with GM factory rocker systems

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Extension Top

The SC-167™ On Head Spring Compressor is for LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS6, AND LS7 plus Chrysler V10. Does all of the factory LS engines with one tool! 

**While the production of the SC-167 is temporarily suspended we recommend our SC-125 compressor for factory stock LS engines. In stock and available. 

Mounts directly to factory stands on LS1 – LS6 using specially engineered adapter that will not damage the stands. Mounts directly to LS7 heads without the adapter. Made from billet steel and built to last!

"Floating valve angle axis" automatically adjusts for the variance in valve angles to do all LS heads.

Slotted steel base to accommodate all centerlines.

No assembly required. Complete and ready to use.

Compress two springs at a time!

Low profile for fitting under the cowl. 

Additional Extension Top available for aftermarket heads / rocker arms to achieve enough travel on the lead screw. SC-167ExtTop™ .

LSM also has the SC-125™ Heavy Duty valve spring compressor for GM stock factory valve train. One spring at a time for heavy duty springs. 

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