Replacement LSM SC-100 base and shaft

SC-100™ Base

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If you already have our LSM SC-150™ valve spring compressor, you can swap out the base if you need the shorter SC-100™ footprint. Just remove the bolts that hold the base and shaft together and replace with the new base. It's that simple. 

The SC-100™ slotted aluminum base accommodates 5/16" bolts or studs with 3.20" - 3.60" for the two outside bolts/studs center line spacing.

*This item is only for the base and shaft as shown. 

**If you have an older, "vintage" SC-100™ or SC-150™ LSM valve spring compressor with a press-fit shaft to hold on the base, you will need the SC-100 Beam and Base combination. 

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