SC-200 for individually mounted shaft rockers
SC-200 for individually mounted shaft rockers

SC-200 for individually mounted shaft rockers

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SH-60 Speed Handle

All LSM on Head Valve Spring Compressors have a tapered flange retainer housing that can fit springs as small as 0.800" up to 1.600". And they can easily and safely handle 1,000 pounds of seat pressure with our screw down method that will not spin back. Plus, you won't need an extra set of hands so you don't lose your keepers. No need to take off the pedestals - our compressors bolt right to the stands!

The LSM SC-200 Slotted Steel Base for 5/16" bolts or studs with 1.40" - 1.70" center line spacing. Remove you rocker and mount our tool right on the stand!
Big Block Chevy: Jesel, T&D, Crower
Brodix SR-20: T&D only; Jesel needs SC-515 or SC-520
Chevy V6: Jesel, T&D
Cleveland Ford: Jesel, T&D 
Ford A-460: Jesel, T&D 
Ford C-460: exhaust only w/T&D, Jesel (SC-500 int.)
Ford Yates C3: Jesel, T&D 
P-5 Dodge: Jesel 
SB2: T&D or Jesel (straight rockers - no offset intakes like Big Chief style)

*Different base required for Jesel J2K Rockers (J2K rockers have one 7/16" bolt and one 3/8" stud - not two 5/16") on SB2, SC1, and P7. Use our SC-400

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