The LSM "One-Tool" is like having 16 valve lash adjusting tools in one.
1T-100™ "One Tool" Valve Lash Wrench

1T-100™ "One Tool" Valve Lash Wrench

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The LSM  1T-100™ "One-Tool" is like having 16 valve lash adjusting tools in one. The One-Tool configures to adjust ALL shaft and stud mount rocker systems on the market today, so you don't have to buy a new valve lash adjusting wrench for each different rocker system.

Buy the 1T-100™ and you will always have the right tool to adjust your valves no matter what rocker system you have. Just snap on the appropriate standard 1/2" drive socket, insert the correct hex key and you are good to go.

The 1T-100™ has a knurled 7" anti-slip handle that gives you great grip even with the most slippery synthetic oils, providing great balance and good feel in your hand.  It is designed with the correct length to easily tighten down any adjuster nut and makes breaking loose stubborn adjusters easy.

Includes four bushings to accept the four offered sizes of T-Handles. Socket and T-Handles not included. Please note, this tool does not have torque built into the handle like the TQ-100KIT™.

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