PC-100SLC Limited Space On Head Pressure Tester

PC-100SLC Limited Space On Head Pressure Tester

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LSM Racing Products has the most versatile spring tester available! All the benefits of our PC-100 but with a slanted/convertible handle that lends itself better to space constraint situations.

This LSM tool can be used in either a straight (conventional) handle position or a slanted configuration. Just remove the jam nut on top and screw the handle(s) in its place.

The PC-100SLC includes two handles: 4" and 5.625" that can be used separately or screw together for better leverage. It has the complete adjustability of the PC-100 plus the benefit of multiple handle configurations for engine compartment constraints.

When choosing the correct gauge PSI option for your seat pressure, keep in mind that you never want to exceed the gauge limit as it can damage the gauge. Per the specifications of the gauge manufacturer, the most accurate testing location is the middle one third range on the gauge. For example, if your seat pressure is between 250 and 350, you will want the 600 PSI option.

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